La Storia

Everything started in 1993 when a dear friend of mine brought home a bottle of wine and a pizza. That bottle of wine that I unconsciously opened that day was the beginning of a  passion that never stopped fascinating me. It was a bottle of Haut Brion 1982. Maybe a sign of destiny because thanks to that bottle I realized that wine wasn't only made to please you, but in some cases it can also trigger emotions... Since that day I kept on looking for those extraordinary feelings. For a long time I focused on drinking and understanding what made certain wines so special, to then finally decide that the ultimate dream was to try to make our own. After many years of travelling, and the birth of our firstborn child, it was time to move back to my roots in Tuscany. More precisely near Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, on the coastal area of Tuscany in the upper Maremma. I was raised in a typical farm in central Tuscany where wine is part of your DNA. I have great memories of walking around the winery with my father and listening the fermenting of our genuine Sangiovese that we produced at the estate.

This is the beginning of a dream that I share together with my wife Joy who actively helps me in every task.

Our Cabernet based wines are made with no pretentions, with the only goal to please you.

Eventually one day, with a bit of luck, we will produce a wine that will also trigger emotions.